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Raised in Miami, Arthur Van Johnson listened to basically every genre of music. Van grew up hearing the Jackson Five when Mike had the big nose & afro, Sugarhill Gang, Celia Cruz, and Gregory Isaacs. His love for those black round things they called “records” started at a very early age.

As he grew older, his brother and some friends formed a DJ Crew that use to go to the local mom & pop stores to set up big speakers and amps with mics and those wonderful things called turntables!! Van was fascinated by the way the DJ would control the crowd with music.
His first sighting of true dj’s & mc’s came when he went by a 7-11 store and The 2 Live Crew was throwing a block party! This was way before they got famous.. But they had the whole crowd in a frenzy! So Van practiced on his brother’s dj set without him knowing until one day I got busted. Surprisingly he didnt get mad cause he liked what he was hearing. His brother took him to record shops with huge rooms full of new and old vinyl and he loved opening the hottest jams of the week. To this day Van still treats his Vinyl like gold.

So roughly from early 80’s Van has had a deep passion and love for music.. be it disco, jazz, funk, hip hop, reggae, latin, electro, & house.. Van blends all of these genre’s together in a dj set that has his fans on the dance floor and having a great time..
Music has taken Van thru a wonderful journey and he would love to have you join in the ride. Peace..Love..Respect Always..

~Dj Van~