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Name: Daniel Brown (alias) D-Smooth
Hometown: Riverside CA-Inland Empire (loves) San Diego CA
Dance: Popping (style) Grooving, King tut-Egyptian, Isolation

My name is Daniel, I was born in Southern California and I got inspired to dance at the age of five years old. I was always watching my family play around dancing and trying to dance. Just because they were a typical family and thought it would be cute for a child to dance. I remembered watching old movies with my uncle he showed me a movie called break-in I tried to imitate spinning on my back and all the crazy moves but it didn’t cut it for me.

The older and older I got I never had teachers, I never had YouTube like the kids today. I fell in love with popping because it was safer for me, I did learn to break when I got older. I started when I was the age of twenty two. But my passion was popping I started full time in the year 1997. There were the rebels and party crews back in the day. I always tried to battle but I always lost.

My inspirations were Mr. Wiggles, Popping Taco, and Popping Pete. Then I ran into two dancers J-rock and Pandora. I looked up to these two they taught me how to do old man and tutting. I tried boogaloo at one point in my life, it was fitting for me but not enough. I joined a crew a few years later in 2006 called Dramatics Crew.

I performed a couple of shows with Dramatics Crew called Dramatrix in different places in San Diego. I also competed with Dramatics in Vegas. That was the end of our crew. The rest made a crew called Uncomfortably Fresh. I have my face in a pilot film call B-girl movie I have entered several battles with ex crew members Y-roc and b-boy Ryno during my bboy days.

As a popper I have entered different jams, 1 in 2007 called Focus Dance Competition, we went to the final and won second place against Mr. Fantastic…

Won 3rd place in my home town for popping event won a take home trophy. I have advising from famous poppers named Legend and inspirational poppers such as Jr Boogaloo, and coaching from poppers Boppin Andre, RIP Wave-O, J-rock, Slick Dogg , Tabo Don.

Teachers: Boppin Andre, Tabo, Midnight,
Trained with Slim Boogie, Jrock, Shockwave, Tetris, J-Smooth, Popula most poppers that are famous I have sessioned with them biggest battles in my life Tetris, Pandora, jrock, slim boogie, popula, kid boogie, function, jsmooth, frantick , etc…..

My whole reason for joining left coast is because it isn’t a simple or typical clothing company like panic or tribal this is a name I feel represents the lost meaning of hip hop and the culture at its best. I know I’m not a resident of San Diego but since I represent at a lot of the popping events why not represent the name and why not represent in my community why just keep it in San Diego. Another reason I want to join is I never got to represent for a clothing line so I was thinking I had a shot to represent for left coast..