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I was born in Orange, Orange County, SoCal.
Raised in Pomona, LA County.
But my home town and where I reside is Lake Elsinore, Riverside County.

Hip Hop to me is a Culture, a Movement Based on Expression either by Art (graffiti), Poetry (MC), Music (DJ) and Dance (Bboy, poppin and locking) !!

I started practicing bboying or breakdancing is what I called it back in ’95, I was barely a teen. I saw Breakin’ the movie and I fell in love. I copied and learned every move in that movie from popping to bboying because that’s all I had as a reference. Back then we didn’t have internet and where I lived there was no Bboy scene. So I was forced to mimic and copy what I saw, not to mention teach myself how to do it!! After a few years I bought my first real bboy tape at Mr. Raggs, in the mall, Freestyle Session 2 and 3. That opened a whole new world, but again I was mimicng and copying moves that I thought were awesome. In that time I still had no scene or education of biting. It being original I was all about “let’s see if I can do this the same or better or more times”. Even more years later I went to my first bboy jam “NewKids on TheBlock” and made my Mark as Bboy Earthquake in 2008. I believe since then I’ve Ben battling learning and judging !!!!!

I guess you can say I was an all style dancer at first and kinda still am, lol. I was in a  choreography team at the beginning and this was in EL Salvador “DJ MAXTER” from like 95-99. Me and my brother were the only bboys in the country at that time so we had an advantage. Then I graduated high school in El Salvador and came back to Cali and inlisted in the army. I was stationed in Ft. Lewis, Washington. There, I was a Raver Bboy, only on the weekends. When I got out the military I moved back to Lake Elsinore, Ca . Practiced at LA Fitness, in Murrieta and every Monday they had open gym and played music and a few bboys practiced there also. I met JoJo and Jimmy Pham from DOT Posse and then met JoMex AKA SoulVisus and DavySmiles. It was all just practicing and sharing moves. Then a Jam came up, me Davy Smiles, JoMex and my brother entered as “ILL FlavoredRejects” and this was my First Official Bboy Crew. I Also Joined “TheFreakShow” for a few years We then parted ways and I was solo for a bit.
Now I’m in “The AirForceCrew”.

One of my signature moves, the move everyone always asks me, “are you gonna do you’re ‘HEADBOMB'” and I’m like “Hell Yea!!!” But I call it the HeadStall!